Nice Shower Niche, Part 1



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2 Responses to floorelf

  1. Peter Manktelow says:

    Thank you for your straight forth instruction and candid humor in your post online. I have found in my history of researching the internet for help and information that most people will keep looking for the answer that confirms what they already know is right. (or should I say what they think is right) In that case why even surf the web. I have read your posts and find that they are not what I think is right nor what I might think might work but find that most everything you talk about you explains “why”. And the “why” makes sense even too the person who thinks he knows better. Why is this? Because you are the “expert” that does this for a living and knows better. (Is that enough buttering up?)

    I am building a steam shower and many of your posts do pertain. But steam showers are a bit of a different animal, baseded on what I have read on line, that is. Do you have any posts on how to build a steam shower or advise, other than do not start. The wife wants one and you know what that means. “Got to keep mom-ma happy – if you want to be happy”

    Steam shower is going to be 48 inches wide by 60 inches deep. Fits in an alcove so entrance on the 48 inch side. I can find a few 48×48 shower pans and plan on putting in a 12 x48 bench on the back wall giving me 60 inch depth.

    Plan on putting plywood up on studs, then pvc vabor barrier, then cement board, then thinset and tile. Sounds easy. LOL Can you elaborate inbetween the commas so this does not turn into a night mare.

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