I want you to show your father some love and/or respect.

– Homer Simpson

From a tender age, my brother and I helped our dad with home improvement projects. Along the way, I picked up some DIY knowledge, but more importantly, I learned not to be scared to try a project, even if you have to learn along the way. I also learned the sense of accomplishment (or is it relief?) that comes from finishing a repair or improvement. So when I recently saw the Fixer’s Manifesto, I immediately thought of Dad.

But there’s another thing that’s not as purely noble as these principles. If you are comfortable fixing and customizing things, you’re more likely to be comfortable with building stuff for fun.

Potato Gun Firing

Dad and I test firing a (highly successful) pneumatic potato cannon we built.

Thanks for teaching me how to fix stuff and to have fun, Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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2 Responses to DIY Dad

  1. Dad says:

    Thanks for the nice Blog! I love you so much! Dad

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