Mom’s Decor Tips

There’s only one girl whose opinion matters to me–my mom.

– Bart Simpson

It’s Mother’s Day in the states.* Happy Mother’s Day, Momma!

She's the younger-looking blonde. THANKS, DNA!

She’s the younger-looking blonde. DNA FAIL.

My mother is an artist and decorator with a great eye. I am neither of those things. But in a level-up for the nurture side, I learned a thing or two over the years. Here are just a few of the home decor lessons Mom taught me.

1. People are more important than a look. If someone you love contributed something to your home, make it part of the mix (for at least a reasonable amount of time).

2. Your eye doesn’t need to see everything at once. Let there be things to be discovered. BUT this is not a license to clutter!

3. Think twice about wall treatments with strong vertical patterns. Your house isn’t perfectly square. Unless you are a wallpaper genius (or can hire one),  it’s easy for something to end up looking wonky. 

4. Don’t “stack” furniture on the wall. If you have an uninterrupted stretch of wall, avoid lining up furniture of the same type on that wall unless it reads as one bigger piece (as with bookcases). This is not a furniture shop!

5. Take off your shoes. The floors will look better and last longer. But let your guests do as they will.

6. It’s your house. If you like it, do it! Unless it’s striped wallpaper, in which case see above.

Hope you have a lovely day, Momma!

* As opposed to its being in March in the UK; I’m not sure why this is, except to trip up expats.

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