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Cut a Mat, Just Like That

Blowing off steam in the crafts room, Marge? – Reverend Lovejoy A while back, I completely and utterly failed to cut a picture mat freehand. A reader suggested that I use a mat cutting kit, swearing it was easy. My craft … Continue reading

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Faking Leaded Glass in Cabinets

Marge: My address?! It’s…umm…1-2-3…Fake Street! Chief Wiggum: 123 Fake Street. Got it! When we finished the built-ins, I intended to gussy up the glass cabinet fronts. One idea was making the glass look old, but I really wanted to emulate the … Continue reading

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Plug With a Wood Hat

After this procedure, you’ll have total closure. – “Moving On” Tech Our built-in cabinets in the living room have three ports for cords and cables. We tried to make these as unobtrusive as possible near the back of the unit. The … Continue reading

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Phony Pony

Hug me, squeeze me, tug at my fur! – Waylon Smithers Some decades ago, my mother scored a couple of chairs cast out of some bigwig’s office. Now they live with us, including this rattily slipcovered one in our living room. Although … Continue reading

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How’s THAT Working Out? Floating Bedside Table

Traffic on our tiny blog went to Statistical Outlier City this weekend when Apartment Therapy featured our nightstand project. Thanks for including us, Apartment Therapy! What a nice surprise! In addition to giving me the warm fuzzies, the shout-out also prompted me to provide … Continue reading

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Gallery Proof

Rod: I don’t like this clown! Bart: I wouldn’t take it down if I were you. It’s a load-bearing poster. – The Simpsons In case you were in any doubt, this is not an interior design and decor blog! But home … Continue reading

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Chandelier (or Pendant) Swap

It’s that damn chandelier again! – Elton John When I found the vintage light fixture for our bedroom, it did not have its matching canopy with it. I got a little overexcited while craft shopping and MacGyvered a new ceiling canopy to blend … Continue reading

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What, Exactly, is Going on Here?

Marge: What do you think he’s doing up there? Homer: I don’t know. Drug lab? Or reading comic books. What am I, Kreskin? You tell me what he’s doing. Marge: I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. And I’m going … Continue reading

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Basement Plan: Storage? In the Basement?

As part of the plan for our basement, we are extending the workshop by taking out the wall between the workshop and the storage room next to it. So we had to find an alternative storage solution. Aside from the … Continue reading

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Before and After: Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

FINALLY! – Bart Simpson Done and dusted. AT LAST. I would have had this done sooner, except I selected a fancy synthetic rubber caulk for the joint between the tile and the counter. I could not work with it — not the … Continue reading

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